Topical Workshop: Physics and Experiments with a Recoil Separator at ReA12

August 21-22, 2013


East Lansing, Michigan







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Recoil Separator Workshop
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Topical workshop:

Physics and Experiments with a recoil separator at ReA12

MSU, August 21-22, 2013

This workshop will precede The Third Annual Low-Energy Community Meeting that will be held on August 23-24, 2013.

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The reacceleration of secondary beams at the present NSCL Coupled Cyclotron Facility (CCF) and in the future at FRIB will provide high quality beams with energies up to about 12MeV/n. ReA3, which will provide energies up to 6MeV/n, will become operational in 2013. A high energy upgrade to ReA12 is a high priority and we hope to have it available by the time FRIB is completed. The energy domain of ReA12, up to ~12MeV/n (see table in the document available as "background information" for more details) is ideal for studies involving many reaction types induced by rare isotope beams, such as fusion, direct transfer, massive transfer, multiple Coulomb excitation and others. A high acceptance recoil spectrometer and associated detector systems is needed to enable studies of such reactions. Discussion about possible options was initiated several years ago in other meetings of the FRIB user community (FRIB User meetings and Low Energy Community Meetings). Information can be found at .

A short reminder of the three options so far discussed is given in the annex of the document available from the "background information" link at the left and above. The organizers invite other proposals for discussion at this next meeting. The aim of this workshop is to move toward selection of a device that is best suited for the physics program of the FRIB community and that is unique with respect to other existing devices.

The first day of the workshop will be dedicated to discussion of the most promising physics and associated experiments that will determine the essential capabilities of the recoil separator. A goal of the first-day discussions is to identify and prioritize the components of the research program to be addressed with this new instrument. The second day will be devoted to discussion of the various separator options and how each can address the various requirements of the high priority research programs (submit and abstract to present your ideas). The overall workshop goal is to identify and recommend an optimal solution for a proposed spectrometer.

Important dates:

  • June 1st: Begin of registration
  • August 12th: NEW Deadline for proposals of contributions
  • August 12th: NEW Deadline for proposals of spectrometers
  • August 16th: NEW date for Final program announced

The organizing Committee:

  • Matt Amthor, University of Bucknell, ama018 at
  • Wolfgang Mittig, NSCL , mittig at
  • Jerry Nolen, Argonne National Laboratory, nolen at




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