Joint DNP Town Meetings on Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics

August 21-23, 2014


Mitchell Institute, Texas A&M University




Nuclear Astro Meeting

Low Energy Meeting




Organizing Committee

Working Groups




Past Meetings

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We would like to have as many members of our community participate as possible. Hence, while we strongly encourage you to attend in person, we will make an effort to provide a remote connection.

Remote participation will be possible through

Participation in the plenary sessions will be limited to the first 100 registrants. You must register to participate in the remote connection.

To register for the plenary sessions or to join once the meeting has started:
1. go to
2. Click on "Join a meeting" at the top center of the page.
3. Enter 546557278 in the Meeting ID space provided.

Note: You must register separately for the working groups. To register for the working group sessions please follow the same steps, but use the following IDs:

Theory Working Group Session: Webinar ID 695-882-526

Future Computational Needs: Webinar ID 705-659-134

Experimental Facilities and Instrumentation: Webinar ID 757-238-942

Nature of Dilute and Dense Nuclear Matter and the Equation of State: Webinar ID 768-423-190




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