Joint DNP Town Meetings on Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics

August 21-23, 2014


Mitchell Institute, Texas A&M University




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Dear Members of the Low Energy Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics Community:

The Nuclear Science Advisory Committee (NSAC) was charged from the DOE Office of Science and the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division of the NSF requesting the development of a Long Range Plan (LRP) for nuclear physics. As announced by the DNP Executive Committee on June 3, the DNP will facilitate broad participation of the nuclear science community in the development of this plan. An important part of the process is a set of town meetings representing all areas of nuclear physics that will take place later this summer with a charge to generate white papers due in December. These white papers will serve as input to the next stage of the LRP process.

With this in mind we want to draw your attention to the joint town meetings for Low Energy Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics August 21-23 at Texas A&M. This time slot had been reserved for the Annual Low Energy Users Meeting. We thank the organizing committee for this meeting for their willingness to forgo their meeting in favor of our two Town Meetings.

The Town Meetings for Low Energy Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics will both begin in the morning of August 21, and end noon, Saturday August 23.

The meeting will start with a set of plenary talks relevant to both groups. Afterwards a number of parallel working groups arranged by each group will address the various topics of interest for each field.

On Saturday we will meet again jointly to discuss outcomes and resolutions that both town meetings will put forward as input into the Long Range Plan. In response to the town meeting charge White Papers from each group and a joint summary will be forthcoming outlining the strength, synergies, and needs of both fields.

A web-site will very soon be created with useful documents, working groups, schedules and the registration. Please register early so that the organizers can optimally plan for the meeting rooms.

Further notifications will soon follow with more specific details.

Finally, we understand that some groups wish to meet a day prior (Wednesday) or after the Town Meetings (Saturday afternoon). Groups interested in a “pre/post meeting” are encouraged to reconfirm interest as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made. Please contact Sherry Yennello at yennello at

We thank you in advance for your support in this most important endeavor.


Hendrik Schatz (Michigan State University, schatz at
Michael Wiescher (University of Notre Dame, Michael.C.Wiescher.1 at
Conveners, Nuclear Astrophysics

Charlotte Elster (Ohio University, elster at
Mark Riley (Florida State University, mriley at
Conveners, Low Energy Nuclear Physics




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