Joint DNP Town Meetings on Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics

August 21-23, 2014


Mitchell Institute, Texas A&M University




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Second Announcement

Dear Members of the Low Energy Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics Community:

Registration is now open for the joint Town Meetings for Low Energy Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics to be held at Texas A&M, Aug. 21-23.

Registration details along with Working Group information plus hotel accommodations etc can be found at:

With the aim of maximizing exchange and mutual participation we will start with a set of plenary talks relevant to both groups. Afterwards a number of parallel working groups arranged by each meeting will address the various topics of interest for each field. On Saturday we will meet again jointly to discuss outcomes and resolutions that both town meetings will put forward as input into the Long Range Plan. White Papers from each group reflecting the vision, future goals and objectives, needs, and priorities of each field will be forthcoming along with a joint summary outlining the strength, synergies, and collective needs of both fields. We have a strong history of coming together, answering the questions posed to us in the LRP Charge Letter and making compelling arguments for our science.

Once again we need your active participation in this most important endeavor.

Hendrik Schatz (Michigan State University,
Michael Wiescher (University of Notre Dame,
Conveners, Nuclear Astrophysics and

Charlotte Elster (Ohio University,
Mark Riley (Florida State University,
Conveners, Low Energy Nuclear Physics




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