Joint DNP Town Meetings on Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics

August 21-23, 2014


Mitchell Institute, Texas A&M University




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Low Energy Meeting




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Neutron Beams, s-process, and NIF

We are interested in any comments on the future of nuclear astrophysics research with respect s-process nucleosynthesis, neutron beam measurements and facilities, and measurements in High Energy Density Plasmas at NIF, among other facilities.

We are interested in any comments on how the draft white paper could be improved.

Please contact Aaron (acouture at or Lee (bernstein2 at to send your recommendations.

Submissions will be posted here as soon as possible.

Preliminary Schedule:

15:00 C. Brune NIF Measurements
15:15 H. Y. Lee Neutron induced reactions for Nuclear Astrophysics
15:30 S. Siem
15:45 A. Voinov Experimental Study of Model Inputs to Calculate Astrophysics Reaction Rates
15:50 M. Barbui S-factor Measurements Using Exploding Clusters

15:55 Community Input & Discussion

  • Role of neutron beam facilities
  • Role of HEPD Facilities
  • Ownership of facilities in relation to Nuclear Astro




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