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August 21-23, 2014


Mitchell Institute, Texas A&M University




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Message to members of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics Authorized by Ben Gibson, DNP Secretary/Treasurer

Nuclear Astrophysics and Low Energy Nuclear Physics Town Meeting Update

Dear Colleague,

We would like to urge you again to participate in the upcoming joint Town Meetings for Nuclear Astrophysics and Low Energy Nuclear Physics to be held at Texas A&M, 21-23 August.

Registration details along with Working Group information can be found at:

To facilitate the planning, please register as soon as possible.

Your input is needed to generate the new Nuclear Physics Long Range Plan, and we therefore invite you to come to Texas A&M and participate in this important activity. The objectives and strategy for the Nuclear Astrophysics and LENP meetings can be found on the webpage above.

The town meetings are started by a series of invited talks to update and inform the community about the broader perspective relevant to both groups. The input from the community is gathered and discussed in the working groups. We therefore encourage you to contact the working group organizers directly about the format of the sessions you want to participate in and all related questions you may have.

Contact information can be found at .

The success of the meeting depends on the active participation of the broad community. Please have in mind that the outcomes of both meetings will be summarized in respective White Papers, which are due in December 2014. Note that nuclear astrophysics will use an existing white paper draft from a recent town meeting as a starting point of the discussion (see and for details).

We are looking forward to seeing you at Texas A&M in August.

Hendrik Schatz (Michigan State University,
Michael Wiescher (University of Notre Dame,
Conveners, Nuclear Astrophysics and

Charlotte Elster (Ohio University,
Mark Riley (Florida State University,
Conveners, Low Energy Nuclear Physics




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